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New Europe And America Lulu Nude Skin-Friendly Sports Bra Deep V Stitching Gathered Fashion Yoga Beautiful Back Bra

Short Description:

Item: DWS1275

Weight of fabric: 220g

Composition: 80%N 20%SP

Fabric composition: nylon/nylon 80%N 20%SP

Pattern: solid color

Error: 1-2cm

Export certification: CQC

The quality inspection reportNo.: LS62006286748701TX

Fabric function: NULS series professional sports fabrics are soft, skin-friendly and slim, absorb moisture and sweat

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Applicable scenes: fitness, jogging, leisure, leaving the country, and other transportation with any intensity

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Production process: hemming sewing cutting bed
Upper chest circumference: bend over to measure the widest part of the chest
Lower chest circumference: measure the chest bottom-Zhou Du vertically
Slim and beautiful back The new slim and beautiful back design makes the beautiful back slimmer and sweaty and more courageous!
Independent vest, beauty, courage and versatility!

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Picture Model Height: 175 Weight: 52 kg Chest circumference: 88 Waist circumference: 62 Hip circumference: 90
Try on size: m try on experience: fit

Measure the upper chest circumference. Measure the upper chest circumference at the fullest part of the breast
Measure the lower chest circumference. Measure the lower chest circumference at the breast root

Product features1

Size table:
Size S M L XL
Chest circumference 35 37.5 40 42.5
Lower hem 30.5 33 35.5 38
Clothing length 38 39 40 41

Prompt: the top is tiled with single side size, and the size of one lap around the waist circumference of the bust should be measured manually by X2 finished products (unit: CM)
Error 2CM (data is for reference only, please contact customer service in time if you have any questions)

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