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On behalf of the processing OEM new ballet yoga socks cross straps halter glued yoga socks sports floor socks

Short Description:

Name: Cross Five Toe Yoga Socks

Fabric weight: 0.05kg

Composition: 70%

Made of: Cotton

Product Detail

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Product Introduction

Production process: knitting, hemming, glue dispensing, shaping, packaging
Cross elastic webbing, fine woven cotton feel, unique X-cross design, more sexy instep, simple design, comfortable and not tight
Breathable, deodorant, water-absorbing and quick-drying In the spinning process, nanocomposite materials are added, and the design of the fine structure of the fiber cross-sectional shape is changed, so that the surface of the fiber produces multiple fine grooves, which has the functions of deodorization, water absorption and quick drying.
High-quality cotton, skin-friendly and soft. We only choose high-quality cotton, which is soft and breathable to maintain healthy feet.
Ergonomic honeycomb dispensing according to different stress points on the soles of the feet when the human body is standing, honeycomb dispensing on the stressed parts of the soles of the feet, effective anti-skid
Heel cushion protection system The thickened heel design can effectively prevent damage such as broken skin and blisters, making your luck more comfortable.
Scientifically distributed 3D beans The three-dimensional 3D design of the soles of the feet, while observing anti-skid and wear resistance, has a good shock absorption effect and effectively prevents sports injuries.
The arch of the foot is compressed by multiple meshes and elastic bands to easily remove the humid and hot gas, ensure the feet are dry and comfortable, and effectively support the arch of the foot, effectively increase the performance of sports, and reduce the risk of sports injuries.
High elasticity and exquisite stitching. Comfortable stitching thread, which fully covers the entire sole of the foot and is not easy to move and fall off during exercise
Skin-friendly, such as soft and high-quality combed cotton, soft and smooth, deodorant and skin-friendly, and experience zero-pressure foot feeling.
Dispense glue to ergonomically non-slip soles as you like. The soles of the feet reasonably distribute 3D non-slip particles,
Large particle design, better anti-slip effect, and not easy to fall off. Full fat one-piece molding. The comfortable five-toed design makes the feet active and free, provides extra ground force, and moves more stable and confident.
The high-elastic rubber band wrap has better wrapping properties, so that we can keep our socks from falling and not shifting when doing various yoga movements.
Floating glue, soft and delicate, moisture wicking, high elasticity and not easy to deform, three-dimensional heel fit, instep cross elastic band design
Non-slip PVC glue dots, firm and wear-resistant bottom glue is tightly combined with the sock body, machine washing is not easy to fall off
Strictly selected quality combed cotton, skin-friendly and soft, resilient and breathable, durable and comfortable, breathable and dry without fear of odor
Integral molding belt, comfortable full package, round head design, comfortable package, free and flexible movement
Comfortable all-inclusive design, better wrap the instep, soft and breathable, keeping sweat outside in summer
Follow with docile anti-dropping

Code and color can be customized, logo printed

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Company Profile:

Business type: self-manufacturer/factory and trading company
Franchise sports series spot wholesale and sample customization! Products include sports bras, yoga underwear, yoga clothes, sports jackets, sports hoodies, sports pants, sports headbands, sports socks, five-finger socks, yoga socks, yoga shoes, warm gloves, labor protection gloves, touch screen gloves, various knitted products. In addition to domestic sales, the products are also exported to Europe, America, South Korea, Japan and Southeast Asian countries. Have a complete and scientific quality management system. The company's integrity, professional R&D team and design team, strength and product quality have been recognized by the industry.
Specializing in the production of high-end and cost-effective yoga clothes, we have our own designer team, self-developed fabrics, quality assurance, and can be OEM and customized, and can be customized according to samples and drawings.

Order guarantee/and shipping
Long-term guarantee: 12-year quality guarantee, so you can buy with confidence. Individual buyers have no reason to return and exchange goods within 7 days.
Sample: 7-day customized sample, the sample fee will be refunded in full after the large product is made.
Sturdy packaging: 10 years of export experience, the products are sold to more than 30 countries across the country, and the packaging is suitable for various transportation conditions.
Logistics methods: air, sea, land transportation,

Payment and delivery methods
Advance payment, wire transfer, letter of credit, online banking payment.

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