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On behalf of the processing OEM new marathon running socks, silver ion five-finger socks, split-toe sports socks

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Item No.: DWSMKST2017001/2

Fabric weight: about 77.4 g/pair

Composition: 44.9% nylon, 41.2% polyester, 10.2% cotton, 3.7% spandex

Made of: Cotton

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Production process: knitting, hemming, glue dispensing, shaping, packaging
Born for sports enthusiasts silver ion function five-finger sports socks
Applicable sports Silver ion functional sports five-finger socks are suitable for all body exercises, and add muscle assist functions to provide extra elasticity of the calf muscles and help foot movements such as pushing and jumping.....It can also alleviate the eccentric contraction of the floor muscles. It helps prevent sprains and is suitable for running, football, badminton, basketball, cycling, tennis, volleyball, mountain climbing, and other whole-body outdoor sports.
Self-adaptive lug Moderate tightness, non-stretched feet, lengthened tube height protection Avoid sports injuries, breathable mesh heel Quick-drying perspiration, comfortable ventilation, arch support Fixed sole of the foot 3D stereo toe fits the toe more closely.
Nano-silver ion material absorbs water and dries quickly, comfortable to exercise without smelly feet
Code and color can be customized, logo printed

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