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On behalf of the processing OEM new men’s thickened sports function socks, running compression socks, short, medium and long tube series, 4 styles

Short Description:

Item No.: DWSMK-5016

Product Name: Running Ball Sports Socks MK-5016/17/19/20

Thickness: medium thickness

Color: As shown in the picture, choose which color you need, and add it with the purchase order

Size: 39-42 42-44

Material: Nylon

Packaging: single and double elevator packaging

Weight of naked socks: about 41g, 48g, 65g, 79g/pair

Product Detail

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Product Introduction

Production process: knitting, hemming, shaping, packaging
The partial mesh design of surface science,
It can better discharge the hot and humid gas out of the trowel, and fresh air enters the filling, keeping the feet dry at all times
3D three-dimensional powerful waist
Tighten the arch of the foot, fit the foot shape, not easy to loosen and shift during exercise
Ergonomic terry design.
According to the ergonomic design, the thicker curve-shaped terry bottom design fits the foot shape, reduces the cushioning force, is comfortable and resistant to friction
Cross airflow channel 4
The airflow adjustment channel is ventilated and kept dry,
From the bottom to the center of the feet, the adjustment system creates a channel between your feet and Yuiko, allowing your feet to breathe freely.
CoolMax moisture wicking
DuPont's high-tech COOLMAX four-pipe fiber can guide sweat and moisture away from the skin surface to keep it dry and comfortable at all times, and feel relaxed
lycra elastic mouth
High elasticity LYCRA rubber band lug
Degu is comfortable and not tight after washing 5000 times without deformation
Hand-to-eye dimension head
The wiping head adopts manual no-stomach stitching to make it smoother, and it never makes the feet look the same, without any convexity.
Why more and more people choose COOLMAX fabrics?
The reason is simple: stay dry and comfortable.
Whether you are engaged in daily work or physical exercise, your body cannot avoid the fact that you sweat.
Sweating is one of the physical mechanisms of the human body to keep cool
With the help of special technology, this fabric can achieve the functions of moisture absorption and enhanced drying.
For this reason, you can expect COOLMAX fabrics to give you a sense of dryness and a steady flow of body power. This is the key to supporting you in daily work or high-intensity exercise.
working principle:
COOLMAXe fabric helps to take away moisture from the body surface.
COOLMAXA fabric can absorb and condense moisture, thereby increasing the evaporation drying capacity.
Air enters to keep the body cool and dry.
Code and color can be customized, logo printed


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